This morning, penned down a few lines in my mother tongue, Hindi:-

आठ महीने पार हुए, पर जंग अभी है बाकी

आज तलक ना पार हुई ये शनि की साढ़ेसाती।

मानव जाति पर बीमारी काल घटा बन झायी,

दूर क्षितिज पर देती है कोई आशा किरण दिखाई।

डॉक्टर, नुर्से, बैंक, किराना, सैन्य, सुरक्षा, नेता,

शिक्षक, वितरक एवं केमिस्ट या कोई अभिनेता।

हवा, धरा हो या जल कर्मी, बिज़नेस या व्यवसाई,

कूड़े वाला, रद्दी वाला या हो घर की बाई।

सब मिल जुल कर जूंझ रहे इस एक बला से जम कर,

रहना है चंद और महीने इस कोविड से बच कर।

स्वस्थ, व्यस्त और मस्त रहो, पर सदा लगाओ मास्क,

मिल कर जीतो ये प्रतिस्पर्धा, पूर्ण करो ये टास्क।

-Written by Shankar Sahay

(Image source:- https://www.google.com/doodles/thank-you-coronavirus-helpers-sep-14-15)

Don’t let Handicap Hold You Back

“Life is a struggle more often than not,

With all the roses, thorns are also brought.

These obstacles, those who surpass,

Win the battle, top class.”

On today’s occasion of Daughter’ Day, I pen the above lines to pay a glowing tribute to a brave daughter of the country, Ms. Manasi Joshi.

I first came to know about her, when I “accidentally” opened up a whatsapp video forward, as usually I don’t open any forwarded pics & videos.

I request you to spend less than a couple of minutes and have a look at this video link and be inspired by her tale of sheer grit, passion and never-say-die attitude. Hats off to Manasi. Keep up the grand job and make India proud, now & always. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrbWBu0rfQY&ab_channel=ETNOW)


Last month, #HDFCBank came out with a Facebook post, under the “#OurNeighbourhoodHeroes” series, with the punchline #HumHaarNahiMaanenge. It had the pic of a doctor and read “HDFC Bank recognizes you as our Neighbourhood Hero.” One may think as to what does a bank has to do with saluting a doctor. This is one of the many examples of #CauseRelatedAdvertising in today’s times of #Pandemic. The purpose is simply to ring a bell in the public mind with the brand of #HDFC Bank, not with the usual array of services, for which people may or may not be interested right now, but with a current topic, which is touching everyone’s life. This strategy gives the concerned brand a distinct visibility of not promoting its services but being aware of its duty of recognizing the hard-work put in by some of the #Corona Warriors. However, with every other brand jumping on the Corona Bandwagon, it is a pertinent question as to whether the brand recall will remain in the viewers’ mind for long or not. Any which ever way, HDFC Bank performs its duty of saluting the hard-work put in by all the medical service personnel of the country.

Mr. Kishore Biyani-The Creator, Preserver & Destroyer

The concept of Trinity

I have had the pleasure of coming face-to-face with Sri Kishore Biyani ji twice. The first time was in 1999-2000, when he was invited to NIFT, Delhi at the Convocation and I was taking my baby-steps in academics, after making a move from the Industry.

The second time was in 2007, when I got the opportunity to witness him winning the “International Retailer of the Year” award at the NRF’ (National Retail Federation) 96th Annual Convention & Expo at New York and I was nominated by Pearl Academy and my immediate boss, Sri Anil Kumar Sharma ji to attend that prestigious summit.

At the first instance in 1999-2000, he was acting as the CREATOR of Future Group.

In my second meeting with him, at the 2007 summit, he was the PRESERVER.

And when I go through today’s Business Standard’ headlines, he has truly walked his talk of acting as the DESTROYER, by standing up to his words “PRESERVING THE STATUS QUO HAS NEVER BEEN MY CUP OF TEA. I CONSIDER MYSELF TO BE BOTH THE CREATOR AND DESTROYER.” (In his book, “It Happened in India”)

Hats off to this Retail Maverick of the country, who gave a new dimension to the age-old Indian concept of SST (Sasta, Sundar aur Tikau).

Social Distan Singh-The missing player

Where is Social Distan Singh?

This pic published in The Hindu on Monday the 24th August, 2020, clearly shows the lax attitude of people towards the warnings issued by medical fraternity as well as the government authorities to take the Covid threat seriously and maintain social distancing. What’s more, in a country like India, where Cricket is considered to be a religion, these players are trend-setters. Is it correct for them to risk their own lives as well as the lives of their fans. Sourav Da please take note and add the player of Social Distan Singh to all your teams.